What QuickBooks Desktop Software do I need with Acctivate?

There are many considerations when deciding to upgrade or downgrade the QuickBooks Desktop software. Consider the number of QuickBooks users needed, the software version-specific features needed, and the List restrictions in Pro/Premier.

Since Acctivate will handle all inventory transactions and sync over the related accounting transactions, some people consider upgrading or downgrading the QuickBooks Desktop software. There are many considerations when deciding on the QuickBooks Desktop version. Review upgrading or downgrading based on the QuickBooks user limitations, features specific to Pro, Premier, and Enterprise, and List restrictions. 

Pro/Premier have limitations on the number of combined list elements for customers, vendors, other names, and employees. See more here on Intuit's website.

You will still be using QuickBooks regularly for all accounting needs. Compare the specifics here to decide between Pro, Premier, and Enterprise.   Acctivate can support many QuickBooks versions. Review more about which versions are supported here.