Resolving a QuickBooks Dividing Date Sync Error.

QuickBooks Dividing Date Sync Error

“QuickBooks error message: You may not create or edit a transaction dated on or before the dividing date.”

If you have recently created an Accountant’s Copy of your QuickBooks data file, you may receive a sync error stating that a transaction cannot be synchronized due to the transaction being prior to your QuickBooks Dividing Date.

These errors occur when a user updates a transaction in Acctivate that was created before the Dividing Date was defined by the Accountants Copy of your QuickBooks data file. It is impossible to sync these transactions into your QuickBooks file until your Accountant checks back in.

For more information regarding the Accountant’s Copy of your QuickBooks file, see this Intuit help article or contact your Accountant.

If you notice data that is still not syncing after the Accountant has checked back in, contact Acctivate Support.