Why do I get an "Out of Memory" error when opening multiple windows in Acctivate?

Some tips on avoiding memory errors within Acctivate

Some users may receive a Windows “Out of Memory” error when running Acctivate. “Out of Memory” errors can be caused by a host of different reasons, many of which are caused by Windows OS configuration, etc. There are a couple of things you can do to help alleviate this from happening in the future, but you may want to contact your IT Personnel in order to troubleshoot this further.

  1. While working in Acctivate, if you open many windows constantly, it may be possible to hit a Memory limitation. This is very rare as it may take opening up to 50 windows in Acctivate at a time to hit this limitation. We recommend to reuse the windows instead of opening more windows each time.
  2. If you keep Acctivate open without closing the software for multiple days, it may be possible you hit a memory limitation. Again, this is very rare. We recommend you close Acctivate once you have finished with your work for the day.
  3. If you have other applications that require large amounts or memory, the application may consume all of the available vCache addresses.