Resolving invoicing error "Illegal format for Item GL Group..."

This article is for Intacct users that receive an error when invoicing.

For Acctivate users who are integrated with Intacct, they may run into a variation of the following error:

create_item Button 2.6" error BL03000018  Illegal format for Item GL Group : Name SYS_ITEMGLGRP_Button 2.6".

If you are to receive this error, or one similar to it mentioning an "Illegal format", then a character within the Product ID is causing a problem for Intacct. In this case, the " character at the end of the Button 2.6 example product is an illegal character, meaning it isn't permitted to be on an invoice.

To resolve this error, simply remove the dubious character and re-invoice (in our example, Button 2.6" becomes Button 2.6). You may need to remove and re-add the product to the order before invoicing.