Receiving Windows Error "code -5006 : 0x800700b7" attempting Acctivate New Install

This article explains what to do when receiving Windows error code -5006 : 0x800700b7.

Users may receive the following Windows Error attempting to install Acctivate for the first time if Windows updates are available:

Error Code: -5006 : 0x800700b7
Error Information:
>SetupNew\SetupDLL.cpp (841)
PVENDOR:Alterity (
@Windows (9200) IE 11.0.14393.953

Please check for any pending Windows Updates if you receive this error.  If you do have pending updates available it is recommended that you install the updates before performing the Acctivate installation.  If you do not have any pending updates available and still receive the above error it is suggested that you put your computer into a 'Clean Boot' state to determine if the the error persists.  ('Clean Boot' state allows the user to identify any third party applications and/or startup programs that could be causing the error.

The following link to Microsoft support article details how to perform a clean boot in Windows:

If you continue to receive this error after during the install please contact our support team for assistance.