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Removing duplicate Acctivate Journal Entries in QuickBooks Desktop.

Delete each copy of the journal in QuickBooks then run another sync within Acctivate. The sync will recreate a single copy.

From time to time, General Journal Entries may be found to be duplicated in QuickBooks. This problem is most likely caused by a failure in the QuickBooks SDK, where the journal entry is created in QuickBooks, but QuickBooks fails to respond to Acctivate letting us know it was created successfully.

Use the following process to resolve this problem:

  1. Delete BOTH of the duplicate journal entries in QuickBooks. Press CTRL+D from the Journal Entry window.
  2. Synchronize with QuickBooks again
  3. Verify that only ONE of the journals was properly re-created

If you find that the Journal continues to be duplicated, contact Acctivate Support to discuss this issue further.

This problem may have been caused by using End Task or End Process in the Windows Task Manager while Acctivate is synchronizing data with QuickBooks. Please do NOT use these functions to close a running synchronization. Again, please contact the Acctivate Support team if you are having problems with your synchronization.