Repeating Lot/Serial attributes on receipts.

Repeat Lot/Serial attributes on receipts

Acctivate includes an inventory option which allows the attributes of Lot and/or Serial numbered items to be repeated automatically. This option can be useful when receiving in several lots/serial numbers for the same product. The attributes which can be copied automatically are the Expiration Date, Reference and Specification fields.

Enabling the option:

  1. Open the configuration manager by going to File> Configuration Management.
  2. Expand the Inventory folder and click on Inventory Options.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Check the option Repeat Lot/Serial attributes on receipts.
  5. Click Save.

Repeat LotSerial attributes on receipts

Using the option from the desktop:

  1. Open the Inventory Receipt window by going to Inventory> Inventory Receipts.
  2. Fill in the necessary header information.
  3. On the first row, add a lot or serial numbered item. Include the received quantity, unit, unit cost and lot or serial number. Include the Expiration Date, Reference and Specification fields if you have it.
  4. Move to the second row and enter the same item, press Tab or move to another field by clicking or using the keyboard arrows. The Expiration Date, Reference and Specification fields will fill in automatically for you. You will need to fill in the lot/serial number and Received quantity.

Using the option with Acctivate Mobile Warehouse Management Software:

  1. Login to the mobile device and click on Inventory> Receive.
  2. On the first Inventory Receipts screen, lookup a PO or leave the PO field blank and choose a warehouse to create a receipt for.
  3. On the following screen, scan a barcode of a lot number (or manually look one up). This will take you the next screen where you will enter the lots.
  4. Scan the first lot barcode (or enter it manually).
  5. Enter in the quantity, as well as the expiration date and lot reference if you have it.
  6. Scan the next lot. Acctivate will save the previous lot, then enter in the new lot number you just scanned. The lot expiration and lot reference fields will already be filled in. You can now continue to scan a lot, enter the quantity and repeat. If you are manually enter in the lot, then you would type in the lot, enter the quantity and enter the location (if applicable), then press enter on the mobile device to start back at the lot field.