What if Report headers are truncated when exporting to Excel?

Exporting a crystal report to Excel will sometimes truncate field headers.  If this does occur you may follow the steps outlined below to resolve and display the full field header.

  1. Locate and run the report in Acctivate that you'd like to export to Excel.
  2. On the report preview screen in Acctivate, first click on the "Export" button located in the top left corner of the preview.
  3. In the "Export Report" window, select the location you'd like to export the report too, and then change the "Save as type" to be "Microsoft Excel (97-2003) Data-Only Advanced Options (*.xls)" as shown below

Save As
  1. After clicking "Save" an additional window will appear titled "Excel Format Options." Here you will need to check off the following options:
    1. "Export object formatting"
    2. "Maintain relative object position"
    3. "Maintain column alignment"File Options
  2. Click "OK" and then your file will be saved in the location you selected with full report headers.