What are the required network folders that need to be shared?

An overview of the required shared network folders that Acctivate needs in order to work between networked computers and servers.

Acctivate uses a client/server architecture with the software installed on both the server and the workstations.  The Acctivate workstations access the server using Shared Folders on the server.  There are two folders that are shared by the Acctivate installer:

  • \\ServerName\ACCTivate
  • \\ServerName\ACCTivateData

The ACCTivate shared folder contains the software (e.g., EXE and DLL files) and Crystal Report files.  This shared folder is typically located on the server at C:\Program Files\ACCTivate or C:\Program Files (x86)\ACCTivate on a 64-bit operating system.  This shared folder location is required by the Acctivate Workstation installer.

The ACCTivateData shared folder contains the Acctivate License and manages the concurrent Acctivate user list.  This shared folder is located on the server at C:\ProgramData\Alterity on recent versions of Windows.  The ACCTivateData (license) folder is configured in the Acctivate Configuration file (acct.ini) located in the main ACCTivate shared folder on the server.

All Acctivate users must be configured with Change Permission to these shared folders.  The Acctivate installer will add the Domain Users security group to these folders.  However, you will need to review and configure these permissions on a Workgroup, with no Windows Domain.