Resolving (80040CA9) error when backing up the Database.

If you're getting errors when backing up Acctivate, take these steps.

You receive error when running a backup within Acctivate or Acctivate Database Maintenance:

The following error occurred.
(80040CA9) while backing up database.

Note, the error number may vary some. There are a couple of common reasons why a Backup may fail. These errors are usually resolved relatively easy.

  1. You may receive this error if a current backup file exists and become corrupt. By default, running a backup will append to the existing file. If the Backup becomes corrupt, the backup file may not be able to be created. In the Backup Company utility, select the option to ‘Overwrite existing sets’. This will remove the original backup file and create a new Backup. Another option would be to move or delete the backup file manually. Then, you should be able to run your Backup.
  2. Try running the backup from a different server or workstation. For unknown reasons, an SQL Server backup may not be able to be run from certain workstations.
  3. Verify your version of SQL Server is up to date in regard to the current service pack.