How do I resolve Invalid Address sync errors?

If you're getting errors related to invalid addresses at the customer or invoice section of the sync, take these steps.

A customer or invoice synchronization error may be received if the Customer Address, invoice Bill To or Ship To Address is in an invalid format:

SubmitCustomerBatch: error while modifying customer Mike Smith {181A3EC7-C71C-4084-B42C-E5F9315A8A4F}: There was an error when composing an address in “”.  QuickBooks error message: There are not enough address lines to compose the address. Please rearrange the individual fields, so that they can fit in the 5-lines block.

QuickBooks addresses can contain up to 255 characters across 5 lines. The Address must be in a specific format, in order to be created in QuickBooks. If the format is invalid, you will receive an error like the one above.

Review the related Customer Address or invoice Ship To or Bill To Address, depending on the source of the error. You should simply be able to modify the address by deleting duplicate information (ShipTo Name, etc), modifying the format, or verifying the Address is correct.  You may also try opening the related Customer in Acctivate.  Select to edit and then save the Customer or Order related to the invoice.  This may assist with properly parsing International Addresses in the event the Customer was imported into Acctivate.

If you continue to have problems with a Customer Address or invoice Bill To or Ship To Address, contact our support team and include the Address in question. In some instances International Addresses will be parsed to fill the proper Address fields.