How do we resolve label printer issues in Windows 7?

If you're running into problems using your label printers in Acctivate on Windows 7, take these steps.

When using a label printer on Windows 7, the default printer settings may not communicate with Acctivate. There is an issue with Windows 7 with how it treats default printer settings in some programs. If you have your printer default setup on the label printer and the Acctivate is not picking up those settings, here are the steps to fix the problem.

1. Go to devices and printers and right click the label printer.
2. Select the printer properties
3. Click on the advanced tab and click printing defaults
4. Set your default print settings and click apply.
5. Click on the printer settings tab.
6. Check the box that reads “Always use driver settings” and click apply.

This should fix the default printer settings when printing to the label printer.

For more information on how to accomplish this, see our article Windows 7 Printers.