Why do I get a "Update Crystal Reports XI R2 Viewer" pop up when starting Acctivate?

If you're getting this pop up when starting up Acctivate, take these steps to stop it from appearing.

In some scenarios, Users may receive messages, “Update Crystal Reports XI R2 viewer” and “Acctivate was not able to install all required updates. Please check the Acctivate log for details.” when running Acctivate on a Workstation. This is usually caused by the Crystal Report Runtime installer not properly installing on the Workstation. The message in the exception log should show something similar to:

File C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Business Objects\3.0\bin\craxdrt.dll is out of date ( < Running \\Servername\ACCTivate\ClientFiles\Crystal11.exe with args /s /v”/qn ALLUSERS=1 REBOOT=Suppress”

The simple solution is to manually install the Crystal Runtime component on the workstation.

  1. In Windows Explorer, browse to the Client Files folder on your server. If you notice in the exception log, the directory is listed. You should simply be able to paste this into the Explorer window.
  2. In the Client Files folder, you should see a file called ‘Crystal11.exe’. Simply run this installer. If the file can’t be found, we recommend you install the Acctivate Cumulative Update on your server as this will populate all the current client files.
  3. If you are prompted to modify or repair the installation when running the ‘Crystal11.exe’ installer, select the option to Repair.
  4. Try running Acctivate on the workstation again.