Resolving Http 400 "Token has been expired or revoked" error when emailing through Acctivate.

Gmail or Microsoft 365 users may receive an error similar to "Access Token has expired" or HTTP 400 when attempting to email in Acctivate. . Check out this article for a fix!

When emailing in Acctivate Gmail or Microsoft 365 users may encounter the below error or a similar message mentioning access tokens:

Http error

Http 400:{

"error": "invalid_grant",

"error_description": "Token has been expired or revoked."


Cause of the Problem:

This usually means that your authentication token (aka how Google/ Microsoft 365 servers verify you are the one trying to send the email) has expired or been revoked. This could happen due to a security change made by yourself or an admin that required your email to be disconnected from external programs (like Acctivate.) This could also mean that it's simply just time to re-authenticate with Google through Acctivate.


  1. Go into Configuration manager (or ask your Acctivate admin to go into Configuration manager.)
  2. Locate your Acctivate user ID
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the User ID information and locate and click the "Disconnect" button in the email settings.
    1. Disconnect-1
  4. The button will now turn into "Connect." Click the "Connect" button to be taken to the Google Oauth2 page.
  5. Select or log into your Google or Microsoft 365 Account 
    1. Sign in
  6. Grant Acctivate the "Send email on your behalf" permission by checking the box.
  7. Click "Continue"
  8. Exit your browser and return to Acctivate when instructed to do so.
  9. Click "Save" and exit Configuration Manager.

At this point you should be able to send email again through Acctivate.