Resolving the error "Could not load company data" when trying to access mobile.

After an upgrade, users may receive "Could not load company data" when trying to access mobile. To fix this, you'll need to update your Acctivate mobile webservice. Check out this article for more information.

With each new build of Acctivate comes a new build of Acctivate for the Acctivate Mobile Webservice. It's important to remember that the mobile webservice update is SEPERATE from the desktop update. 

If you are trying to use mobile and you're finding that you're receiving "Could not load company data" or any other error such as "Invalid column name "IsCreditCard"" and you recently updated Acctivate, odds are, you have not ran the mobile webservice update. 

You can easily verify this by opening Acctivate and looking at the splash screen, and then navigating to your mobile webservice page. The version displayed on the Acctivate Desktop splash screen should match the version displayed in the top right corner of the mobile webservice landing page.

Your mobile webservice page is the URL that you entered into Acctivate mobile when setting it up. This is typically http://YOURSERVER/Accthandheld.

You can check in Acctivate by going to File Setup Mobile Device 

If they do not match, then the solution is to go to and run the Acctivate mobile webservice update located near the bottom of the page. 

For more information about performing mobile webservice updates, please refer to our docs page.