Definitions of various date fields on a sales order.

There are multiple different Date fields on an order or quote: Entry Date, Order Date, Date, Requested Date, Promised Date, Expected Date.

  • Date: The current date.
  • Entry Date: The date the order record was created in the system.
  • Order Date: The date that can be set at the top of the Sales Order Window. This date can be used as the entry date or the date when the order was submitted externally from Acctivate.
  • Expected Date: The date the order is expected to be fulfilled by.
  • Requested Date: The date the customer is requesting the order be shipped.
  • Promised Date: The date you promise to ship the order to the customer.
  • Due Date: The date that is typically based on Promise Date. If Promise Date is not filled in, then this date is based on Requested Date.