Sales order import matching sequence.

Customers are matched in the following order: CustomerID, Alt Customer ID, Company Email, Account Number.

When importing in sales orders using the Import Sales Order window (File> Import Sales Orders), Acctivate will check a series of values to see if it can match the customer in the import file with a customer in Acctivate. If no matching customer can be found, Acctivate will create a new customer if the template option “Import Customers” is enabled. Acctivate tries to match the import file customer to an Acctivate customer using the sequence listed below. For Acctivate to use the values below to match a customer, the fields must be mapped. For example, if your import file contains the customers Account Number, then that field must be mapped to the Acctivate Account Number field in the import template.

  1. Acctivate Customer ID
  2. Alternate Customer ID
  3. Company Email
  4. Account Number

For customers importing in orders using our Web Store module, please refer to our Web Order Customer Matching Sequence.