Sales Quote

This article covers the functionality of the Sales Quote window. Sales Quotes give you the ability to save and track the quote through the entire process.

Enter a Sales Quote

  1. To open the Sales Quote window, you have 2 options:
    1. Go to Sales > Quote
    2. Utilize the Sales Quote icon on your Icon Bar
  2. Click the New button to create a new Sales Quote
  3. Choose a Customer by using the lookup button to the right of the Customer field or by entering the Customer Name manually. If the customer is on hold, follow the instructions listed here to release the credit hold.
  4. The Sales Quote number is automatically generated based on your Document Numbering setup and will be on your quote when you press the Save button.
    • Note: The Sales Quote window is similar to the Sales Order window, primary differences being the Status of Quote (rather than Scheduled, Booked or Backordered), and the title of the window.
  5. Enter Products on the Detail tab of the Quote screen, similar to how products are added to Sales Orders. Make sure to select the proper W/H record, Quantity, and Price Code.
  6. Save the Sales Quote when finished.
  7. From here, users can print the quote or email it to the customer by clicking the Printer Icon

Processing the Sales Quote

If the customer accepts the Quote and is ready to purchase, Sales Quotes can be converted to Sales Orders by changing the Status of the Quote to Scheduled.


  • Book Order creates a Sales Order but does not schedule any of the detail lines. This will not  reserve inventory or schedule the inventory to be removed from stock.
  • Schedule Order creates a Sales Order and schedules the products on the order, removing them from your available inventory. This does not actually create an inventory transaction, only holds the inventory from available status (inventory will be removed upon invoicing the Sales Order).
  • Reject Quote is a status used when a customer rejects the sales quote. This will mark the order as "Completed" but does not remove any inventory values. You will see the following popup when a Quote is rejected. This does not remove the quote from the system, only changes the status. Users can edit the Quote again if the customer changes their mind.
  • Cancel Quote will cancel the Quote and mark it as "Completed", and also give users the option to describe why the Quote was canceled (the "Reason for lost business"). This option blocks any further changes in Status. For more information on tracking lost business, see our Lost Business Article.

Sales Order Window

Entering Sales Order

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