Scanning barcodes with an iPad or Android tablet when remoting into Acctivate desktop.

If you're wanting to scan barcodes using one of these devices, check this guide.

Please Note: This will not work on Acctivate Android. This guide is only for using your iPad/Android Tablet's Remote Desktop application to connect into a desktop.

You may want to explore barcode scanners after connecting your iPad or Android device to a computer running Acctivate.

Acctivate Mobile WMS runs on Windows Mobile, but your tablet uses a “Remote Desktop” approach to run the full Acctivate desktop product. Barcode labels can be scanned for most text fields within Acctivate, to reduce data entry mistakes common on mobile devices without keyboards.

At this time, there is not a direct integration (i.e. driver) for barcode scanners to integrate with iOS and Android devices. However, there are many wireless barcode scanners that can be connected to an iPad or Android device. These scanners connect as bluetooth keyboards and convert the information from the barcode into the selected text entry field on-screen.

We have had good results with the Cordless Hand Scanner (CHS) series from Socket Mobile. The following 7 series units support both iOS and Android, as well as Acctivate Mobile on Windows Mobile devices.

  • Socket Mobile CHS 7E – Entry-level
  • Socket Mobile CHS 7M – Class 2 Laser
  • Socket Mobile CHS 7P – Rugged with class 2 laser

Motorola also has a bluetooth scanner that supports iOS. The Motorola CS3000 series is a consumer, non-industrial scanner, but offers a low-priced option to scan barcode labels for an Apple iPad. Please note that this scanner may not be supported in Acctivate Mobile on a Windows Mobile device.

NOTE: These scanners are not supported by Acctivate support team, but we’d love to hear your experience with running Acctivate on an iPad or Android tablet!