Information to know about Scheduling Quotes and Sales Orders.

Instances where an order has been entered with an order status other than Scheduled (a Quote or Booked status), or the items didn’t have any available quantities to allocate to the order, you will need to schedule or re-schedule quantities.

In order to process (pick, pack, ship, invoice) a sales order in Acctivate, the order status must be Scheduled, and there must be at least one scheduled quantity for the ordered products. There may be instances where an order has been entered with an order status other than Scheduled (a Quote or Booked status), or the items didn’t have any available quantities to allocate to the order. In that case, you will need to schedule or re-schedule the order which will update the Order Status and scheduled quantities.

What happens when I Schedule a Sales Order or Quote?

When entering in an order, the order status can be configured to default to ‘Booked’ or ‘Scheduled’. If you choose the status of ‘Booked’, Acctivate will allow you to add product to the sales order with an ordered quantity, however no quantities are allocated to that order. In this case, there is no ‘scheduled’ inventory on that order. When you Schedule the order, that is to say you change the order status from Booked to Scheduled, Acctivate will check the current availability of the products and allocate as much as possible to this order. If there isn’t enough available quantity to schedule the full ordered amount, then the rest goes on backorder. Instead of starting with a Sales Order, you can also take an existing Sales Quote and Schedule it, which converts it a Sales Order.

Scheduling results in Acctivate checking for new availability and updating the scheduled quantities on sales orders.

What if I need to ‘Re-Schedule’ an order to check for availability?

You may enter in order with an Order Status of Scheduled, however you don’t have enough available inventory to fulfill the order, therefore some items are backordered. If you have a change in inventory availability, for example a Purchase Order shipment from your vendor has arrived, then you might want to Schedule these orders again in an attempt to allocate the new available quantities to existing orders. Since you may not have received in enough inventory for all orders, you will need to identify the orders that you want to schedule again. You can schedule orders individually or in batch. Both methods give you the flexibility of allocating the available inventory to orders which should take priority.

There are some recommendations for rescheduling sales orders.

Does Scheduling an Order change anything else besides the order status?

You can optionally utilize Sales Order Workflow statuses to help manage your sales order. You can go to File>Configuration Management> Sales Orders> Order Options to configure some defaults and options for workflow statuses. In the New Order Defaults section, you can set the workflow status for new Quotes and Sales Orders.

In the Workflow Status section, you set a default workflow status for Rescheduled orders. This workflow status will be set when do perform any of the following actions:

  • Change an existing Quote to a Scheduled status.
  • Change a Sales Order with a Booked Status to Scheduled.
  • Reschedule a Sales Order (with a Scheduled status) individually or in batch.