Selecting Serialized or Lot Numbered Products on a Sales Order or Picklist

Check out this article for a link to our training guide on selecting lot/serial numbers on orders and picklists.

Products on a sales order that are Lot Numbered, Serial Numbered, or Number when Invoiced will require the inventory control number be selected or entered prior to invoicing.

Generally, you would record the lot or serial numbers after the pick has been completed, but they can be selected prior to the picking process. When picking from a Pick Ticket, the assigning of lots prior to or after the picking process is inconsequential.

However, if you are using Picklist and assign the Lot or Serial number prior to creating the Picklists then Acctivate will create a Picking route that will take you to that Lot Number. With Acctivate Mobile, it’s expected that you will pick the lot or serial numbers with the Mobile Device. If you assign lots or serial numbers prior to the Picking with mobile, then you are not able to reaffirm with the device that you have picked the lot or serial number.

For an up to date guide on how to Select lot or serial products on Sales orders and Picklists, check out our training guide: