Selecting Serialized or Lot Numbered Products on a Sales Order

Steps you need to take to sell serial/lot numbered items

The following steps are performed from a sales order. NOTE: You must have the Serial/Lot Number Control add-on module to perform the following steps.

We've got a video guide on this topic here.

  1. In the Detail tab of the Sales Order window, click in the Product ID column and a Lookup button will appear.
  2. Click the Lookup button.
  3. From the Find Product lookup window, select the lot/serial numbered product.
    • To filter the Find Product lookup window to only display lot and serial numbered products, change the Item Type field to be Lot/Serial Numbered. Select the lot numbered item.
ItemType LotSerial

  1. Click anywhere in the data grid line of the product selected in the above step and then click the Lot / Serial Numbers button. For lot numbered items, this button will be available to click. For non lot numbered items, this button will be grayed out.
Lot Number Button

  1. A window will open to select the specific serial or lot numbers of the product. In the blank data line grid, click in the Serial Number or Lot Number field (depending on what the product is). Click on the drop-down arrow that appears and select the correct number from the list of available serial numbers or lot numbers.
Select Lots

  1. Enter the quantity of the product that has been ordered.
    For serial numbered products, only a quantity of 1 can be entered per lot number.
    For lot numbered products, enter the quantity based on how many of the specific lot have been ordered.
  2. Repeat steps 6 and 7 on the blank line that appears below the previous one, if you need to enter multiple lot or serial numbers of same product. Note: You know that other lot or serial numbers are available for the specific product, if more than one lot or serial number is available in the Serial Number or Lot Number drop-down, as described in step 6.
  3. Click the Close button on the pop-up window, when you are done selecting lot or serial numbers of the selected product.
  4. Click the Save button, when you are finished entering information for the sales order in the provided tabs and fields.
  5. When you are ready, you can release the sales order for invoicing by clicking the Create invoice button.