How Can I Send Emails in Bulk?

Directions on using the order manager to send emails for multiple orders at once.

The Order Manager in Acctivate is a powerful tool with many fantastic options available to users. One of which is the ability to send emails in bulk for selected orders within a bar’s filtered orders. This can be helpful for emailing a batch of sales order reports, pick tickets, or pack lists. In this article we’ll go over the basics of how to send a sales order report to a batch of selected sales orders.

First step is to open Order Manager and then select the desired bar. For our example, we’ll work with the “Open” bar to see our open orders. Once open, click the check boxes next to the orders you want to email.

Next, move over to click the “Action” button.

From here, you can select to email a variety of documents. In this case, we’ll move over to the “Email Sales Orders” and select “Email Order” from the sub list.

After clicking “Email order” the standard email window will open up, and you’ll have the option of cycling through the emails to be sent via the arrow near the top right.

Once you’ve finished editing the emails in question, hit send and you should be good to go.