Sending Mail from Multiple Gmail Aliases

Gmail can be configured for each user in Acctivate, but there may be times when one user needs to send email from multiple aliases, follow the steps below to set this up.

If you're using G-Suite or Google Workspace, you have the ability to create and send email from multiple aliases. While Acctivate only allows you to set up one email per user, if the email has aliases set up you may use email templates in Acctivate to easily send messages from an alias other than what is set up for the user. 

Before you begin, you may need to log into your Google Admin Console and add the alternate email addresses for the user. These alternate emails are forwarding addresses/alias only, however, you may also use the steps below to give the user permission to send as other entirely separate emails.


  1.  Login to the Gmail account you want to use to send from multiple alias.
  2.  Click the gear icon in the top right to open up the settings and select See All Settings
  3. Click Accounts and Imports and you'll see a section labeled Send Mail As
  4. You'll see the primary Gmail address with your domain and an option to Add another email address below. Click the add option.Send Mail as
  5. A second window will open prompting you to add the alias window. Add Email Window
  6. Enter in the alias information and follow the prompts. These prompts may vary depending on the type of address you are adding.
  7. Once the secondary email or alias has been added, log into Acctivate.
  8. Go to File > Configuration Management  > User and select the user that needs to send from multiple alias. Make sure the email settings on the righthand side are set to Personal and Gmail. Save and Exit once the settings have been updated.
  9. Go to File > Message Templates
  10. Create a new message template that will be sent from the alternate/ alias email address.
    1. In the From box, enter the alternate/alias email address.
    2. Fill out the rest of the fields as needed and template
  11. The next time the user sends email, choose the template set up for use with the alias email. The user should be able to send the message and it will be received by the recipient as the alias.
  12. If you receive an error when trying to send as the alias the first time, you may need to disconnect and reconnect the user's gmail authentication.