How do I Set share Permissions on the Acctivate Folders?

Find the location of the Acctivate exe file, default in “..\Program Files (x86)\Acctivate\”, right click properties, allow Share and Read for Everyone. Repeat this with "AcctivateData" share folder, usually in C:\ProgramData\Alterity\Acctivate.

One of the most common problems that prevents a user from accessing Acctivate on a workstation is related to the Windows sharing and user permissions on the Acctivate folders on the server.

All workstations must have the ability to read from the shared Acctivate folder and read and write to the AcctivateData folder on the server.  The Acctivate installer creates these shared folders, but you may have issues with folders created by other methods.

  1. On the computer where the Acctivate Primary Installation was performed, locate the Acctivate Program Files folder. The default location is “..\Program Files (x86)\Acctivate\”
  2. Right click the “Acctivate” Folder, then click Properties
  3. Click “Share…” on the Sharing then choose Everyone in the user drop-down and click Add.
  4. Share the folder for Everyone with Read permission
  5. Repeat the steps above for the “AcctivateData” share, which is typically located at C:\ProgramData\Alterity\Acctivate.
  6. However for AcctivateData, make sure to share with Read/Write permission for Everyone