Setting User Permissions to allow a user to Void Inventory Transactions

This article will explain how to set user permissions to allow a user to void inventory transactions.

A user may notice they are unable to click the option to void an inventory session, which appears greyed out or run into the prompt, "You do not have permission to void inventory transactions. Please contact your system administrator." This means that you don't have the proper permissions to void inventory transactions, please follow the steps below to resolve this issue. 

How to set up user permissions to allow a user to void inventory transactions
  1. With an account with administrator access, open Configuration Manager.
  2. Click on User > User Information > Make sure to click edit on the top of the screen > Click on the "+" button for the user you want to edit 
  3. Click the "+" button for inventory > Click "Void Inventory Transactions" > Set the Yes/No box to "Yes"
  4. Hit save and that user will now be able to void inventory transactions.