Setting up a shipping workstation interface.

This article explains how to set up a shipping workstation interface.

Setting up your shipping software (i.e. UPS Worldship or FedEx Ship Manager) to work with Acctivate is a one-time configuration, which on average takes about 30 minutes.

It is strongly recommended that a MCSE, other network professional or UPS or FedEX representatives perform this connection procedure. Also, you should only set this up with your "live" Acctivate database (not your demo version) because this interface connects and modifies your live shipping software.

The following steps are a brief summary about the procedure. In order to setup the Shipping Workstation interface you will need detailed steps, which are in the Installation Guide. This can be downloaded when you log on to the Help and Support page of the Acctivate website at .

*The Shipping workstation interface is an add-on module.

Setting up the Shipping Workstation Interface (Brief):

  1. Log into the workstation that handles your shipping (it must have access to your server).
    You must be logged in as a user with Administrative privileges.
  2. Setup a data source, which is done in the Microsoft Control panel of your shipping workstation.
  3. Connect your shipping software to this new data source (the configuration for this is performed inside your shipping workstation software).
  4. Integrate the shipping workstation software with Acctivate through mapping, which will connect specific data elements (i.e. order numbers, customer names, shipping addresses, etc.) between Acctivate and the shipping software. After the mapping is complete, information from Acctivate is imported into the shipping software, such as when you enter a order number in the shipping software, the mapped information for that specific order will appear.
    Then, when the order is complete the shipping information is exported into Acctivate (i.e. the number of packages shipped, tracking numbers and the weight and cost of the shipment).