How do I set up a line item for tax?

Create a product class associated with a tax Other Current Liability account. Then, create an Other Charge product in Acctivate with that product class to add to orders.

A Non-Inventoried Product can be set up in Acctivate to bring in tax charges at the line level. This is usually for tracking tax or handling tax differently, as directed by your accountant. Bringing in sales tax at the line level allows you to not have Acctivate re-calculate the sales tax. This is most commonly used on web store orders syncing into Acctivate. In general, tax should be configured using the Tax Category

Create the Sales Tax line item

  1. Create a Product Class for Sales Tax in Configuration Manager
    Both the Sales and COGS accounts should be the sales tax Other Current Liability account because there will never be a COGS entry for the detail line.
  2. Create new sales tax product
    • Item Type: Other charge
    • Product type: Other
    • Product class: The sales tax Product Class created in step one
    • Cost Method: None
    • Stock Unit: Each
  3. Add the product to an order that needs to have tax calculated.
    • If this is not for a web order or order import, change the price to be Order Amount * tax percentage and use the TAB or ENTER key, with a quantity of 1; or manually calculate tax amount and add it. 
    • If the order is imported include the Tax amount that should be charged in the Price field.

If this is for a web store, you can follow these directions on how to update the web store mapping.

NOTE: Similar setups can be followed for Shipping Charges or Restocking Fees, Promotions, or any other charges.