Setting up with Acctivate.

This article walks through the steps for setting up an configuration in Acctivate to utilize for payments.

Intuit Payments is the preferred payment processor for Acctivate. For the best experience, we recommend using Intuit Payments.

If you would like to use follow these steps.

Go to File -> Configuration management

configuration management

To get started, ensure you have credit cards entered and checked as “Credit Cards” under Sales Orders -> Payment Method

setting up credit cards

Credit Card Security Options in Acctivate and QuickBooks

Acctivate User permissions

Each user you want to permit to process credit cards must be configured in the Configuration Manager.

  1. Inside Configuration Manager open User > User Information.
  2. Select the user that you wish to grant or remove the ability to process credit cards.
  3. Expand the Order Processing or Sales Orders subfolder for that user.
  4. Select Process Credit Cards. This is a Yes and No drop-down list.
  5. If a change is necessary, click the Edit button, make the change and then Save.

Next click on Services -> Credit Card Processing

services - credit card processing

Once you’re on this screen, Click EDIT on the top left and select the credit card processor. Keep in mind, Acctivate can only have 1 card processor enabled at one time. In this case, we want to enable Select and click “Ok”.


After clicking “Ok”, the next window will require the API login ID and Transaction Key. You can get this information by following this article from’s support website: How do I obtain my API Login ID and Transaction Key?

Transaction key and API loginID

After that information is entered, click the Save button at the top and you can now charge credit cards using!

For more information about credit card processing with, check out our docs page.