Adding a List to a Custom Field.

Steps for setting up custom list fields for things like sales orders, purchase orders, products, etc...

Data consistency is key to good database management and effective reporting.  An easy and effective way to prevent typos and ensure the data being reported is consistent and accurate is to design a list for use with Custom Fields.  A single list can be used for multiple custom fields. It is worth noting that when you are in the process of creating your custom field Lists that at least one List Item must be added before you will be allowed to save the List.

To setup a custom field list:

  1. First, log into Configuration Manager and select Custom Fields
  2. In the List section click Add to select a name for your list
  3. Click OK, now your list name should appear
  4. Next, start building your list by adding List Items (at least one list item must be added before you save)
  5. Once you have created your list and added at least one list item click Save
  6. Your list can now be selected from the List Drop-down above in the Field Properties



7. Finally after configuring your custom field and selecting the appropriate list it will appear as a drop-down on the  appropriate form.

(The below screenshot shows an example of a custom field list on the the Product window)

For more information about custom fields, check out our docs page.