Adding Shipping to a Sales Order

Add shipping as a line item, utilize Shipping Workstation, enter shipping info when invoicing, or add a separate shipping invoice to the order.

In Acctivate, there are many ways to get shipping onto a Sales Order or Invoice. Users have the following options:

  1. Add as a line item in the Sales Order detail
  2. Process Shipments via Shipping Workstation
  3. Enter Shipping information on the Invoice Order window
  4. Add an Invoice solely for shipping to a Completed Sales Order

Add a Line Item to Sales Order Detail

Typically, customers do this as the last line on the Sales Order, but it’s really up to your personal preference. While adding the other products to your Sales Order, simply select a Shipping item as one of the details to add a shipping charge to the order.

  1. After creating a sales order, add another line on the Sales Order Detail for the shipping charge with a specified price.
    • We recommend using a Shipping Item Type for all shipping or freight items. This also gives you the ability to set a default shipping product to utilize in option 3 above. Some customers utilize the Non-inventoried or Other Charge items types for these items, but you won’t be able to set the default shipping item for Invoicing Orders.
  2. If processing partial shipments on the same order, either modify the Ordered quantity to be scheduled each time (same price) or add as its own line each time (different price).

Process Shipments via Shipping Workstation Module

Once you’ve setup the shipping workstation, you will be able to process shipments and see the tracking information on the Sales Order > Packages tab.

  1. Bring Sales Order information into the Shipping Workstation application (steps depend on which application you use)
  2. Process Shipment
  3. Refresh or Open Sales Order in Acctivate
  4. Package information now shows on Packages tab
    Packages Tab
  5. When you’re ready to invoice the order, click Create Invoice
  6. Shipment information is available on the Invoice Order window. The user can override theTotal Shipping Charge or leave as is based on setting in Configuration Management to Include on Invoice.
    Invoice Order with Shipping Work station
  7. If there was a charge for shipping, Acctivate will add the default shipping item to the sales order for this amount.

Enter Shipping Information on Invoice Order Window

Customers not utilizing shipping workstation can add shipping directly to the Invoice Order window when they have a default shipping item setup in Configuration Management.

  1. When you’re ready to invoice your Sales Order, click Create Invoice.
  2. Specify the Ship DateShip ChargeCarrier Service, and Tracking Number. To assist users in calculating shipping amounts, Acctivate includes the total Weight of each item being invoiced on the order. You can also specify who shipped the package, whom it will be delivered to, number of packages, and distance in this window.
    Shipment on Invoice Order Window
  3. After clicking Invoice, there will be a new Shipping item listed on the detail of the order matching what the user entered in the Invoice Order window.

Add Invoice Solely for Shipping to Completed Order

To add shipping to a Completed Sales Order, select Create Invoice from the Action menu. Follow the steps above for adding shipping to the Create Invoice wizard. Since no other lines are scheduled on the completed order, the only item listed on this invoice will be the default shipping item.

To exclude discounts for shipping charges see here.