Setting up FedEx using Default Templates

This article guides you through the steps to setup FedEx using Default Templates.

Configuring FedEx Ship Manager to Import data from Acctivate

  1. Make certain that you complete the ODBC setup before you begin the FedEx integration process. The ODBC needs to match the template in this case it should be named AcctivateODBC
  2. Download the Fedex Templates here FEDEX
    • If you are using EDI/Packaging Manager you will need the file labeled AcctivateEDI
    • If you are not using EDI/Packaging Manager use the file named Acctivate
  3. Open File explorer and go to the following path 
  4. C:\ProgramData\FedEx\Integration\Profiles
  5. Move the file you need and paste it into folder, it should currently be blank.
  6. Open FedEx Ship Manager,   From the top drop-down menu, click Integration >  The Acctivate template should show on the drop down, select it
  7. Click Clear Fields in the left corner, a small window reading Lookup Value will appear.
  8. Enter an order number from Acctivate and check to ensure it imports correctly.