Shopify returned exception: An item cannot be active at more than one location if one of them is a fulfillment service location.

This is an uncommon exception that is specific to Acctivate and Shopify webstore integrations.

In rare scenarios, an exception can be returned in Acctivate during a Acctivate-Shopify webstore sync. If there are duplicate SKUs in Shopify, Acctivate may use the "duplicate" Shopify ID during the Inventory Export process. If this duplicate SKU does not have Inventory Locations enabled in Shopify, it can cause an exception to occur because Acctivate is trying to update inventory in Shopify using a Inventory Location that does not exist for that duplicate product.

There are a few options for resolving this exception message:

  1. Rename or delete the "Duplicate" SKU in Shopify.
  2. Prevent Acctivate from exporting inventory for duplicate products by unchecking "Available on the web" in the Edit Product window.