Should I use Windows or Android for mobile?

Acctivate has a native Android application. Users may wonder which version they need for their business. This article will break down the key differences between the two.

Acctivate mobile exists on Android and Windows mobile. Both versions are currently supported by Acctivate and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. It's important to know the strengths and limitations of the two versions before choosing.


  • Both have the ability to pull up product information.
  • Both connect to Acctivate via a connection to the webservice on the server.
  • Both can scan GS-128 barcodes, Data matrix barcodes, and standard text barcodes.
  • Both have an in app barcode reader for barcode testing.


  • Acctivate's Android Mobile has been optimized for keyboardless entry with a clean modern look to promote ease of use. Windows Mobile devices typically have smaller screen sizes and use a physical keyboard so Acctivate Mobile uses a different display to make the best use of the space and support the differences in operation. 
  • Windows Mobile currently supports select modules that are not yet available on Android devices. See table below for specific module information:




    Assemblies No Yes
    Counts No* Yes
    Order Entry No Yes
    Picking Yes Yes
    Product Information Yes Yes
    Receiving Yes Yes
    Transfers Yes Yes

*Android count functionality coming in version 12.1.


  • Android is very widely supported and will likely be a familiar technology to users.
  • Android scanners are generally more available and more powerful due to more up to date technology.
  • Windows mobile, while still supported, will only receive maintenance updates and will not be developed with new features.
  • Android will eventually reach feature parity with Windows mobile and will continued to be developed with new features and enhancements.

Which is right for my business?

  • Businesses that want to utilize the picking, receiving and transfer modules should choose Android because it is faster, more supported, and will be developed for the foreseeable future.
  • Businesses that would like to do mobile assembly, or order entry might consider using Windows mobile devices or a combination of both Android devices and Windows devices.
    • Also, consider accessing the Acctivate desktop program from a tablet or small laptop. If your volume allows, you may continue to use paper forms printed from the Acctivate Desktop program that are keyed in at a desktop station and upgrading these processes to mobile as additional modules become available on Android.