Should I use Windows or Android for mobile?

Acctivate Mobile WMS has been offered on Android and Windows Mobile devices. Users may wonder which version they need for their business. This article will break down the key differences between the two.

Acctivate Mobile Warehouse Management Software (WMS) can be installed on Android and Windows Mobile operating systems, however at this time Acctivate support only recommends Android devices. 

Businesses that already have Windows Mobile devices may find some of the information below helpful, but businesses that are new to Acctivate Mobile WMS should proceed with supported Android devices.

The Windows Mobile operating systems supported by Acctivate are no longer supported by Windows.

The latest Windows Mobile OS supported by Acctivate, Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 reached the end of it's Extended End Date on January 14, 2020.

Therefore, Acctivate support no longer recommends running Acctivate Mobile WMS on devices using Windows Mobile operating systems.

It is strongly recommended that you switch to an operating system and device supported by Acctivate. Review the System Requirements for more information.


  • Both have the ability to pull up product information.
  • Both connect to Acctivate via a connection to the webservice on the server.
  • Both can scan GS-128 barcodes, Data matrix barcodes, and standard text barcodes.
  • Both have an in app barcode reader for barcode testing.


  • Acctivate's Android Mobile has been optimized for keyboardless entry with a clean modern look to promote ease of use. Windows Mobile devices typically have smaller screen sizes and use a physical keyboard so Acctivate Mobile uses a different display to make the best use of the space and support the differences in operation. 




    Assemblies* Yes Yes
    Counts Yes Yes
    Order Showroom+ No Yes
    Picking Yes Yes
    Product Information Yes Yes
    Receiving Yes Yes
    Transfers Yes Yes

* Android Assemblies added in Acctivate version 12.2

+ For businesses needing the ability to enter a sales order while "mobile", it is strongly recommended that a laptop is used with the desktop version of Acctivate for the best experience.  


  • Android is very widely supported and will likely be a familiar technology to users.
  • Android scanners are generally more available and more powerful due to more up to date technology.
  • Windows Mobile is no longer supported.
  • Android will continue to be developed with new features and enhancements.

Which is right for my business?

  • Acctivate Support can only recommend Android at this time due to its security, reliability, speed, and availability. 
  • Businesses that already have Window Mobile may continue to use them, however we cannot guarantee that Acctivate Mobile WMS will continue to run on these devices in the future. If you currently have windows Mobile Device, we strongly recommend you plan to migrate to supported devices.
  • If you need the full functionality of Acctivate in a mobile form factor, consider accessing the Acctivate desktop program from a tablet or small laptop.