Sorting Lookup columns.

Click the column header and the results will sort alphabetically. Click the same header once more to reverse that order.

Users have the ability to sort data in every column of every look up window in Acctivate. This feature allows a user to sort any column in the lookup for Customers, Sales Orders, Products etc. This article will cover the process of sorting these columns.

Below is a screenshot of the Product look up window. This is just an example, but the function is the same for any lookup window in Acctivate.


By clicking in the header for a given column, you are able to sort the results in the list alphabetically. See the screenshot below, notice the small arrow icon next to Product ID in the column header.


With the arrow pointing up, products are sorted alphabetically top to bottom, with the highest character at the top of the list. Notice the Product ID at the top of the list starts with A, while the Product ID visible at the bottom of the screenshot starts with C. Clicking this column header again will change the sorting from bottom to top, with the last character at the top of the list, as seen below.


Again, this is not unique to the Product look up window, or any specific column. In the screenshot below, notice that the Sales Order look up is sorted by the Sold To Name column.


Clicking the column header once will sort results top to bottom, with the first alphanumeric character listed on the top row, clicking again will sort it the other way so that the last alphanumeric character is listed on the top line, clicking the header a third time or clicking into the header for a different column will remove sorting from the column.