Importing in Customer information

Import Customer Information

Listed below are the available fields to import into for Customers. In order to import customers, you will go to File > Import Data > Customers. Create an Excel spreadsheet with your column headings for each field name you wish to import. Using Import Data, map the file location for your spreadsheet to the Filename, choose the correct worksheet if you have multiple sheets in your Excel file, name your import, then use the Columns tab in order to map each Column to its corresponding field. The Customer Name will often be your Customer ID.  See notes column for restrictions on any imported data.

The Customer ID field is required for all Customer imports.

Ship To Location ID is required in addition to Customer ID for all Customer Ship To imports.

Contact ID is required in addition to Customer ID for all Customer Contact imports.


Data Field Type(Length) Notes
Alternate Phone Text(50) Additional phone per contact (e.g. toll-free number)
Alternate Phone Description Text(50) Notes regarding the alternate phone number
Contact ID Text(20) Short, abbreviated ID for Contact, must be unique per Customer account
Email Text(99)
Email Description Text(50)
Enabled Yes/No
Fax Text(50)
Fax Description Text(50)
Mobile Phone Text(50)
Mobile Phone Description Text(50)
Name Text(50)
Pager Text(50)
Pager Description Text(50)
Phone Text(50)
Phone Description Text(50)
Title Text(50)


Data Field Type(Length) Notes
Account Number Text(99)
Address 1 Text(41) Should map to Company name field
Address 2 Text(41) Bill to Street Address
Address 3 Text(41) Additional info or address lines, city, state and zip are separate.
Address 4 Text(41) Additional info or address lines, city, state and zip are separate.
Alt Phone Text(21) Bill to or Main contact alternate phone
Alt Phone Desc Text(41)
Alternate Customer ID Text(41)
Annual Sales Currency
Branch ID Text User Defined in Configuration Manager, advised to require
CC Address Text(41)
CC Expire Month Number (MM) 2 Digit month required
CC Expire Year Number(YYYY) 4 Digit year required
CC Name Text(41)
CC Number Number(61)
CC Postal Code Text(41)
City Text(31)
Closing Age History Text(12)
Company Name Text(41)
Country Text(31)
Credit Hold Yes/No
Credit Limit Currency
Credit Rating Text(25)
Credit Rating Source Text(25)
Customer ID Text(41) Required for adding or updating customers.
Customer Type Text User Defined in Configuration Manager
Date Opened Date(MMDDYYYY) Date became customer
Default Reference Text(30)
Default Reference 2 Text(30)
Email Text(99)  Bill to or Main email address
Email Desc Text(41)
Fax Text(21) Bill to or Main fax
Fax Desc Text(41)
First Name Text(25) Bill to or Main first name
Invoice Text Text
Last Credit Review Date(MMDDYYYY)
Last Name Text(25) Bill to or Main last name
Login Text(99) Used only for customer self service module
Marketing Code Text(15) User Defined in Configuration Manager
Middle Name Text(25)
Mobile Phone Text(21)
Mobile Phone Desc Text(41)
Ownership Style Text(50)
Pager Text(21)
Pager Desc Text(41)
Password Text Used only in Customer self service module
Phone Text(21)
Phone Desc Text(41)
Popup Note Text
Popup Notes Yes/No  Used to make “Comment” above popup
Preferred Payment Method Text(50) Created in QuickBooks, must match exactly
Price Code Text User defined list in Configuration Management
Referred By Text
Salesperson ID Text(3) Created in QuickBooks, must match exactly
Salutation Text(15)
State Text21) Bill to State
Status Yes/No Indicates whether customer is Active or Inactive.
Suffix Text(10)
Sync as CustomerID Text(50)
Tax Code ID Text Tax, Non
Tax Exemption Text(15)
Terms Code Text Managed in Quickbooks, must match exactly as listed in QuickBooks.
Trade Discount Percent Number
Trading Partner Text  Used with existing EDI Partner and EDI Module only.
Web Address Text
Zip Text(13) Bill to Zip code.


Data Field Type(Length) Notes
Address 1 Text(41)  Should map to Company name field
Address 2 Text(41)
Address 3 Text(41)
Address 4 Text(41)
Alt Phone Test(21)
Alt Phone Desc Text(41)
Attention Text(50)
City Text(41)
Country Text(31)
Default Yes/No
Default Job Number Text(20)
Delivery Comment Text (50)
Distance Number
Email Text(99)
Email Desc Text(41)
Fax Text(21)
Fax Desc Text(41)
FOB Text(25)
Hold From Date Date(MMDDYYYY)
Hold Shipments Yes/No
Hold To Date Date(MMDDYYYY)
Location ID Text (41) Required to  import Ship-To locations, must be unique per customer/ship-to combination
Location Name Text(41)
Map Reference Text(15)
Misc Comment Text
Mobile Text(21)
Mobile Desc Text(41)
Pager Text(41)
Pager Desc Text(41)
Phone Text(41)
Phone Desc Text(41)
Popup Notes Yes/No Used to make “Misc Comment” popup
Route Text(50)
Routing Text(50)
Ship Via Text(25)
Shipping Instructions Text
Special Instructions Text
State Text(21)
Status Yes/No Indicates Active or Inactive
Stop Number Number
Tax Category ID Text Managed in QuickBooks, must match exactly
Warehouse ID Text User defined in Configuration Manager – only available for customers utilizing EDI
Zip Text(13)

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