How do I Import Lot/Serial Numbers?

Import Lot/Serial Numbers

To import products with Lot or Serial numbers you will use the Lot/Serial Number Import. File > Import Data > Product > Lot/Serial Number. Keep in mind that using this import does not add lot numbers to existing inventory, it brings in new inventory with the lot numbers listed assigned to the new inventory. Create an Excel spreadsheet with your column headings for each field name you wish to import. Using Import Data, map the file location for your spreadsheet to the Filename, choose the correct worksheet if you have multiple sheets in your Excel file, name your import, then use the Columns tab in order to map each Column to its corresponding field.

Required fields for lot/serial number imports are: Lot/Serial Number, Product (ID), Quantity, Unit Cost, and Warehouse.

Lot/Serial Numbers

Data Field Type(Length) Notes
Expiration Date Date(MMDDYYYY) Expiration date of lot/serial number
Location Text(80) Bin Location of Lot or Serial Numbered product in warehouse.
Lot/Serial Number Text(25)
Product Char(40) Product ID existing in Acctivate
Quantity Number Quantity of this lot or serial number
Reference Text(25)
Specification Text(80)
Unit Cost Number
Warehouse Text Must match Warehouse ID or Description as listed in Configuration Manager.

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