How do I Import Shipments?

Import Shipments

Acctivate allows users that have the Packaging Manager module to import in Basic Package Information such as Tracking Number, Shipment Date, Shipment Status, and Carrier Reference.

This import can be accessed via File > Import Data > Shipments. Please use the table below to assist in creating an Excel Spreadsheet to use this import, the Data column is the Column Heading used during Template mapping. 

To use the Import Data utility, map the file location for your spreadsheet to the Filename, choose the correct worksheet if you have multiple sheets in your Excel file, name your import, then use the Columns tab in order to map each Column to its corresponding field.


Data Field Type(Length) Notes
Carrier Tracking ID Number Tracking Number from Carrier
Package ID  Number  Required, Package ID from Acctivate


Data Field Type(Length) Notes
Carrier Reference  Text
Shipment Date  Date  Date your Shipment/Package is completed
Shipment Status  Text  Packaged, Shipped, Cancelled

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