Importing in Inventory transfers

See the tables below for the fields that can be mapped to in the transfer import.

Import Inventory Transfers

To import in Inventory Transfers, first create an Excel spreadsheet with your column headings for each field name you wish to import. Using Import Data, map the file location for your spreadsheet to the Filename, choose the correct worksheet if you have multiple sheets in your Excel file, name your import, then use the Columns tab in order to map each Column to its corresponding field. 

If you are transferring lot/serial numbered items or between Bin Locations, one row in the Excel file must exist for each new Lot/Serial or Bin Location. The quantity for each row should correspond to that lot or serial number. 

In order to import inventory transfers, go to File > Import Data > Inventory Transfers.

  • Required Fields:
    • Product ID
    • To Warehouse
    • From Warehouse
  • Optional Fields used frequently:
    • To Location
    • From Location
    • Lot/Serial #

NOTE: When importing, the Option "Post Transaction" is set to No by default. This means after importing, go to the Inventory Transfer in Acctivate, use the Session dropdown menu, select the correct transfer session,  and post the created inventory transfer. Optionally, change the import Option "Post Transaction" to Yes to post from the import window.

For a general guide on importing in data, please check out our docs page.
For a full list of our Inventory transfers specifications, please refer to this table.