What are the Standard Acctivate Labels and Barcodes?

Acctivate has a list of standard barcode and label reports. While other labels may be created for use in Acctivate, below are the standard barcodes and labels.

Accitvate has the following standard barcode labels and labels. Labels have only text while Barcode Labels display barcodes and text. Find barcodes on other non-label forms, such as the bottom of the PO or Sales Order forms. The below list is only the standard Label or Barcode Label forms.

See a list of compatible barcode application identifiers on our docs page or in this article.  Use Application Identifiers (AI) to create barcode labels for the specified items. For UCC128 labels see this article

Find all our Reporting articles here and here. View our entire report catalog here. Search for keywords, such as label or barcode,  using the Ctrl + F keys on your keyboard.

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