Troubleshooting Sync Warning "Invoice Amount Has Changed."

Sync Warning “Invoice Amount has changed”

From time to time you may notice a sync warning stating something like:

2016/02/24 14:12:57 Warning Invoice The amount of invoice B3350Z has changed from $10.00 in Acctivate to $20.00 in QuickBooks.

First, it’s important to understand that these are not sync errors, these are sync warnings. The difference is that a sync error is preventative, meaning that the sync was not successful and did not complete for the reason specified in the log. A warning is just informational, in this case, alerting a user that something has changed. The error above is informing the user that the Total on a Sales Invoice which was created in Acctivate has changed in QuickBooks.

In the screenshot below, notice Invoice B3350Z created in Sales Order A1528T. This invoice shows that the product Button was sold at a price of $1 and a quantity of 10, so the total on the invoice is $10.

2-24-2016 2-23-34 PM

In this next screenshot, take a look at that same invoice in QuickBooks. Notice that the price has been modified to $2, so the total now shows as $20, in QuickBooks.

2-24-2016 2-28-28 PM

This is the cause of the warning in the Sync Log. It’s informing the user that amount of the invoice has changed in QuickBooks. This will not change the amount of the invoice in Acctivate. Since the invoice was created in Acctivate, it is “owned” by Acctivate. This means that any changes made to the invoice should be done from within Acctivate, then the changes will be synced back over to QuickBooks with the following sync. This warning is important and user action should be taken to ensure that the two systems have matching data, or you could develop discrepancies between Acctivate and QuickBooks.

This is also true for Purchase Invoices (Vendor Bills in QuickBooks). If an invoice is released from Acctivate then modified in QuickBooks, you will notice a warning stating something like:

2016/02/24 13:58:08 Warning POInvoice QuickBooks bill TestPoInvoice (PO 1262): Amount has changed from 25 to 30