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Syncing with QuickBooks Desktop after moving a QuickBooks company file.

If you've recently moved your QuickBooks company file to a new location, take these steps.

Acctivate saves the path to the QuickBooks company file (.QBW) in Acctivate Database Maintenance. If the .QBW file is moved to a different directory, you will need to update the configuration of Acctivate in order to be able to connect to QuickBooks in order to perform the synchronization.

  1. Open QuickBooks. Press F2. This will open the QuickBooks Product Information window.
  2. Locate the "File Information" section, located in the middle left side of the window. 
    1. Location
  3. Open Database Maintenance by going to Start > Programs > Acctivate > Acctivate Database Maintenance.
  4. Go up to Database > Database Info.
  5. Select the Acctivate Company you are wanting to modify
  6. Hit the Edit button.
  7. Paste the file location into the QuickBooks data file field by pressing Ctrl + V. You may have to toggle the option below if the file is not in UNC form (\\server\folder\file.QBW).
    1. file-1
  8. Hit Save.
  9. You may need to log out of Acctivate and close Database Maintenance in order for changes to fully take effect.
  10. Log back into Acctivate and select to open QuickBooks. This should open QuickBooks properly.