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Why is my sync slow after updating QuickBooks?

Is your sync running slowly after a recent QuickBooks update? Check here.

The synchronization with QuickBooks may run longer than expected after you have upgraded QuickBooks.  For example, you might notice that a large number of customers or invoices are loaded from QuickBooks (e.g., thousands of invoices).

Each time you sync, Acctivate asks QuickBooks (via the QB SDK) to give us a list of all records that have been updated since the last sync, plus an additional 24 hour buffer.  Some QuickBooks updates may reset the “last modified” time stamp on many (or all) records.  So, these updated records will be loaded for review by the next sync.  This is normal and should not typically cause any problems.

In the future, it’s usually a good idea to synchronize with QuickBooks in single-user mode on the server one time after each major QuickBooks update.

Your sync time should be back to normal in approximately 24 hours after the first sync with the new version of QuickBooks completes with no errors.

If you continue to have long sync times, verify that no sync errors are being received. If you are receiving errors, sync will continue to run slowly until they’re resolved.