How can I create a template sales order?

Create the order as needed, edit the order number to something that stands out, then set the order status to Completed. It will no longer affect inventory availability and copies can be created from it.

If you are making the same general sales order (same customer, products, and/or quantities) on a regular basis, a way of speeding up this process is by creating a template sales order. This template can then be called up each time you need to enter in a new sales order of this type.

To create the template, first open up a new sales order window and click the “New” button.


Next, you will enter in the information like customer name, products, and such as you normally would.


*Note: You can enter in the standard order quantities on the detail lines, or choose to leave them at zero if they vary. The decision is yours.

It is recommended that you edit the Order # to reflect the fact that this is template. In the above example, we added a “-TEMP” to the end of the order number. This will make it easier to search for, and will act as a flag so we know not to invoice this order.

Next, you will change the status on the order from “Scheduled” to “Complete”. As long as this order is not invoiced, the quantities on this order will not affect on hand quantity or other calculations.

Finally, to use the template, just call it up in the order search and click “Copy”. You’ll be prompted to confirm. After doing so, the template will be copied onto a new order and you can make changes if needed.


Upon saving the new order, a new order # will be assigned and the order will be set for invoicing.