How do I test barcodes for use in Acctivate Mobile?

In Acctivate Mobile for Android, tap the Menu button then Barcode Info. Scan a barcode in this screen to see what was read. In Windows Mobile, tap the Barcode button and scan a barcode to see results.

Acctivate follows the GS1 bar code standards.   Occasionally you may find that a bar code does not scan correctly or you might have a new barcode that you would like to confirm is both readable and contains what you expect.   To assist with this, Acctivate Mobile contains a tool to display what the app reads in the barcode. Jump to Windows Mobile instructions

Testing Barcodes in Android

  1. Log into Acctivate Mobile and go to the main menu
  2. Tap on the Menu (hamburger) button and select Barcode Info
    Screenshot_20210917-115016     Screenshot_20210917-115023
  3. Scan a barcode of your choice and the results will appear on the screen
    Screenshot_20210917-115110     Screenshot_20210917-115147

For standard barcodes or barcodes without application identifiers, everything within the barcode will be read as a single Text value.  However, if the barcode does contain application identifiers, the results that display will be broken by identifier along with its value.

Testing Barcodes in Windows Mobile

  1. Log into Acctivate Mobile and go to the main menu
  2. Tap on the Barcode button
    image (1)-2
  3. Scan a barcode of your choice to see the results on screen
    image (2)

Alternative Barcode Verification Options

GS1 also have some useful free barcode verification tools, designed to reveal the HRI (Human Readable Interpretation) from multiple GS1 fixed length element strings (More testing and verification information found here)

There are many free online resources to help you troubleshoot your bar codes.

Barcode Configuration

If you can see a problem with a barcode you created but aren't sure what to do about it, take a look at these articles for information on barcode structure and application identifiers: