Resolving the message "This Backup File Contains 10 Backup Sets"

Users who frequently run backups on their Acctivate database may receive a notification box stating that the current backup file contains 10 backup sets. You will have 3 options to select from; Yes, No, or Cancel:

  • "Yes": The existing set will be renamed with the date appended to the file name. For example, "Acctivate$Demo.bkf" will be renamed to "Acctivate$Demo_20200206_161720.bfk" A new set will be created with the original "Acctivate$Demo.bkf" name.
  • "No": The backup will be added to the existing backup file.
  • "Cancel": A backup will not be performed. 

Backup Company Data
SQL Server Backup files allow more than one 'Backup Set' within the same file.

This Backup File contains 10 Backup Sets.

We recommend that the existing Backup File be renamed so that a new file can be created.

Would you like to rename the existing file and start a new Backup File?
Yes No Cancel