How do I track and manage prospects?

This article shows you how to track and manage customer types.

Built into the ACCTivate! system is the ability to track and manage customer types. These types are 100% configurable by you and can even include non-customers such as prospects.

Managing Prospects

The first step in the process is to setup and configure your customer types.

  1. Select File > Configuration Management to open the Configuration Manager.
  2. Open the Customer folder, which will display a list of options.
  3. Click the Customer Type option.
  4. Make Prospect active by checking the Active box, which will allow you to label a customer as a prospect in the Customer window under the Type field.

Labeling a Customer as a Prospect

After the customer types are developed, simply select the correct type for your "customer" (your prospect).

  1. Select Customer > Customer Information to open the Customer window.
  2. In the Customer tab, select Prospect in the Type field to label the Customer as a prospect. The options under Type can be configured as described above.
  3. The customer can be labeled as a prospect when a new customer is entered or a current customer can be changed to Type > Prospect by clicking the Edit button.

Tracking Prospects

You have the ability to search and filter for just the specific customer types that you want to look up.

  1. Open the Customer window, select Customer > Customer Information on the menu bar.
  2. Next, use the Lookup button, next to the Customer Name field to display the Find Customer window.
  3. Click on the arrow next to the Type field at the bottom and select Prospect to view all prospective customers.
  4. Select a prospect to view customer information about that specific prospect.