Why aren't my Tracking Numbers from Fedex or UPS appearing in Acctivate?

If your tracking numbers aren't coming across from your shipping workstation, check over these steps.

If tracking numbers are not appearing on the Packages tab of the Sales Order screen in Acctivate after processing a shipment in UPS Worldship or Fedex Ship Manager, there is likely an issue with the export setup in your shipping workstation software.

Follow these steps to resolve this problem:

  1. Verify that you have selected the correct export table (tbOrderPackagesText).
  2. Verify that you have not inadvertently mapped “Reference” to some field in Acctivate (this field should not be mapped).
  3. Open the “View Current Users” window from the Help menu in Acctivate. Click on the Licensed Options tab and make sure the “Shipping Workstation” option appears in the list. If it does not, please contact your Acctivate sales representative.