Resolving a "Transaction could not be locked. It is in use by another user." Sync Error.

Occasionally, when syncing Acctivate with QuickBooks, users may encounter the an error similar to the following:

Error TxnDelVoid SubmitQBDeletionBatch: error while deleting journal entry D72EF-1234567899 Ref Number 001234: Cannot delete the object specified by the id = "D72EF-1234567899".  QuickBooks error message: The transaction could not be locked.  It is in use by another user.

If you receive this error, first confirm if another QuickBooks user is manipulating this journal or the related transaction. If they are, wait until they save and complete their task before running the sync again.

If after confirming that no one is using the transaction, the sync still returns the error, run a sync in while in Single User Mode in QuickBooks. This should ensure that no other files are being used outside of your workstation. Should the error pop up again after this, that means that the transaction file in question is hung up on your system. To fix this, reboot your workstation and do another single user sync.

Of course, if all of the above steps fail, you can submit a support request and a representative will help you troubleshoot the issue further!