Resolving a "Transaction not in balance" error in the sync.

When syncing with QuickBooks, you may encounter this error. Here are the first places to look to resolve it.

The following Journal entries referenced in the Synchronization Log may not synchronize with Quickbooks due to a missing or invalid G/L account for COGS in Configuration Management. This article is written for users that are posting COGS by product class. The same procedures can be used for other sales / COGS posting options.


Synchronization log contains the following error:

Error Journal Submit GLJournalBatch: error while creating journal entry 01xxxx: There was an error when saving a General Journal transaction. QuickBooks error message: Transaction not in balance.

Common Causes:

  • A COGS account used in Acctivate has been renamed in the QuickBooks Charts of Accounts.
  • The COGS adjustment account is not set for every product class.
  • Warehouses are missing GL accounts in Configuration Manager

Follow these steps to resolve this problem:

  1. Find the journal entry number(s) from the synchronization log.
  2. Run the Inventory Detail Journal report (in the Transactions folder under Inventory Reports).
  3. Set the Journal ID equal to the journal entry number (i.e. Journal ID = 0010001).
  4. Open Product Information for the products listed on the report to determine which product classes have incorrect accounts.
  5. Open Configuration Management -> Inventory -> Product Class and lookup the Product Class ID (ex. Equipment).
  6. Look at the “COGS GL Acct / Seg” and “COGS Adj GL Acct Seg” and replace these accounts with the proper GL accounts from QuickBooks. Consult with an accounting professional if you need assistance selecting the proper GL Account.
  7. After selecting the proper GL Account, synchronize with QuickBooks.
  8. If that still doesn't work, ensure that GL accounts are assigned at the warehouse level. Open Configuration Management -> Inventory -> Warehouse and ensure that the warehouse in question has GL accounts for all inventoried and non-inventoried transactions. Please consult your accounting professional if you need more info about the accounts to assign.

In some instances, this Journal sync error may be received due to some miscalculation of a transaction. This can most commonly occur when using FIFO costing and performing disassembly. If you are unable to resolve the sync error, contact the Acctivate Support Team.