What do I do if UPS Worldship isn't exporting data properly?

There are a few general things to check first, which we go over in this article here.

Setting up UPS Worldship to Import in Orders or Packages to be processed for shipping and then exporting this shipment information back into ACCTivate can be accomplished by following the instructions in this document here.

There are a number of different scenarios in which the Import or the Export may not work properly. Here are some steps to try to resolve these problems or may help Acctivate Support troubleshoot your problem.

  • Review the Document again to verify your mapping is correct. The majority of the time, this is the cause for the Import or Export not working correctly.
  • If you can’t seem to export the Shipment Information back into Acctivate, verify that the Automatic Export after Processing Shipment is enabled.UPS_AutoExport


  • Verify you are actually licensed for the Shipping Workstation module in Acctivate. Shipment Information can be exported into Acctivate, but may not be displayed in Acctivate if the module is NOT registered. In ACCTivate, go up to Help -> View Current Users. Select the ‘Licensed Options’ tab.
  • Send Acctivate Support your Import and Export Mapping by attaching the mapping files to the Support Request. This can be accomplished in a few easy steps
  1. In UPS WorldShip, go up to ‘Import/Export Data -> ‘Create / Edit Map…’
  2. Select the Import Map (The name may differ, but the default name is ‘Acctivate Orders’).
  3. Select the ‘View’ Button. This will display a txt file of the Import Mapping
  4. In Notepad, go up to File -> Save As. Save the file as ‘Import Mapping’ and save this on your desktop.
  5. You can then attach this file to an email in the Support Center on our Website.
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 for the Export Map (usually named Acctivate Package)UPS_ViewMap